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CTC's Best Pics of 2009

Published by Hari Kumar Balasundaram under on 6:31 PM

FFellow Mavericks & CTCians,

A beautiful year passed by.... Full of memories, our tryst with mother nature and her bounty not withstanding ... The CTC Photographer's team welcomes you all to choose amongst your best of the memories;

Yes Ladies n Gentlemen, Welcome to the first of its kind event yet again in CTC's history - we welcome you all to choose your favourite and the best of your clicks in the year 2009 and post them in the prescribed link detailed below. The Best pics amongst your choice stands to win surprising gifts and mementos or even be part of the surprise package.

Before we go ahead and announce the closing date because of the rapturous & a houseful worthy reception and blocking our weblogs with uploads, Please follow the instructions below and post your pics ..

1. Log into the following website : http://ctcsbestof2009.shutterfly.com/

2. Password for the login : trekking

3. As a visitor of the website, you are moderated to post pics and comments in the website. Please be discrete about your comments and restrict your number of UPLOADS to FIVE & FIVE ONLY ....

3A. Please upload your pics in the album already posted on the page viz. CTC's Best of 2009 and not in a new album altogether...

4. Before you upload - Please rename the pics uploaded as follows : Your Name - The Trek's Name if any or the location visited - date ....

4A. Please adhere to the above instructions strictly as it will be easier for us to identify the one who uploaded the pics and therefore easier to reward... Please note that you could upload pics from all CTC treks and events till date... Any other personal or otherwise pics from your albums are a STRICT NO_NO and will NOT be listed in the album.

5. Feel free to write about the pics posted by others in the album. other than critiquing the pics i.e... your experiences during the treks or may be if you are part of the pic, your thoughts when the pic was taken.

6. Pics uploaded are allowed to be listed finally purely on the discretion of the ctc photographers team if they do not fit the terms and conditions listed above thereof...

7. Revel in the moments that you were and were not part of although present during the event. ... Come - Be a Part of the memories, cherished, blossomed, and here to stay in our minds forever... The Best of 2009 is here to stay !!!

The CTC Photographer's Team