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Assignment Results - Monsoon

Published by தம்பி... under on 2:31 AM
Dear All,
Thanks everyone for participating in the Assignment. Please find the assignment result below:

1. First Prize Winner : Ranjeeth Nagarajan

Rain Drops by Ranjeeth Nagarajan.

2. Second Prize Winner : PL Munish

IMG_1782 by plmunish.

3. Third Prize Winner I - GSM Venkat

as soft as silk by gsmvenkat.

Third Prize Winner II - Karthikz

துளி / Drop by கார்த்திக் / Karthik'z.

4. Consolation Prize I : Kumaran

Monsoons reaching milestone... by K U M Z.

Consolation Prize II :

~~ Iruppu Falls in Full Glory ~~ by randomsurfer:प्रतीक.

CTC Studio Team

Canon Metering Explained

Published by makka under on 3:02 PM
Hi All,

I found this video in Youtube explaing Canon 40D 's metering .Although it done with 40D .But the concept is more or less same across DSLRs

Questions welcome.post it to ctcstudio group ;-)

Bhagath makka,