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Kids Lighting Howto

Published by makka under on 10:47 PM
Hi all,

Recently lot of friends asked about a kids Photo shooted 2 weekes back.
so a minimal howto tutorial for that pic.

Actually speaking the photo about 50% camera 30%expression and 20% PS . ;-)

1.Lighting Setup

Some points in lighting:
*It 's Night ,So less distracted BG
*It's a outdoor shot ,shot from a doorway
*SB600 ,remote triggered.and made angle that the flash bounces on the sun shade and lit the kids.
* I used D300 in ,A priority F1.8 and sport metering

2.Original output:

*So i got this shot with perfecr expression of that day
*From here ,i got 2 way ,once is to enhance the vibrancy ot go for black and white

3.Final Processing:
*Colour (added soft-focus and vibrancy)

*Black & White(this is a next shot of above photo ,I preferred closed eyes for B&W)

And finally i shared this in flickr ;-),More photo properties available in above pic's EXIF data.

comments and doubts are welcome.

Bhagath makka


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