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Assignment Results - Monsoon

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Dear All,
Thanks everyone for participating in the Assignment. Please find the assignment result below:

1. First Prize Winner : Ranjeeth Nagarajan

Rain Drops by Ranjeeth Nagarajan.

2. Second Prize Winner : PL Munish

IMG_1782 by plmunish.

3. Third Prize Winner I - GSM Venkat

as soft as silk by gsmvenkat.

Third Prize Winner II - Karthikz

துளி / Drop by கார்த்திக் / Karthik'z.

4. Consolation Prize I : Kumaran

Monsoons reaching milestone... by K U M Z.

Consolation Prize II :

~~ Iruppu Falls in Full Glory ~~ by randomsurfer:प्रतीक.

CTC Studio Team


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