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The Almanac Special - Profile of a Photographer - Reza Deghati

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Our endeavour to present to you - the best of the world of photography continues with a special showcase of one of the most renowned award winning photo journalist of our times - a living legend whose work on and off the camera has helped millions today in the war torn regions from Afghanistan & Europe through Africa.

Reza Deghati (Persian: رضا, born 1952 in Tabriz, Iran ), studied Architecture in the University of Tehran, Reza today is a french citizen , highly regarded and published worldwide by the most prestigious international magazines.

Reza Deghati was a victim and survivor of both the Shah and the Iranian revolution. Since then he has continued to seek out, connect with and document peoples in similar circumstances throughout the world.

Reza returned back to Iran and Afghanistan to help the victims of the bloody war waged between the soviets and later with the taliban. In 1985, Reza Deghati challenged Afghan warlord Ahmad Shah Massoud to a game of chess, and started a friendship that has lasted more than 15 years. "He plays chess like he fights the Taliban," the Iranian-born photographer says, "trying to psychologically defeat you."

National Geographic television has produced several films portraying Reza and his photographic and humanitarian work. One has received an Emmy Academy Award in 2002.

In 1991, Reza and his brother Manoocher founded Webistan Photo Agency[2], which has been distributing their own archives but also those of several other photographers.

Having been a consultant to the United Nations in Afghanistan in 1990, being culturally close to this country and particularly being a journalist led Reza to found AINA[3]. The NGO Aina, that is based in Paris, Kabul and Washington D.C., struggles for developing a civil society and cultural expression by empowering media and communication.

In November 2005 Reza was honoured with the title of "Chevalier de l’Ordre du Mérite", the French award for distinguished services in a public or private capacity, by the President of France, Mr. Jacques Chirac.

He also was awarded the prestigious “Missouri Honor Medal for Distinguished Services in Journalism” from the Missouri School of Journalism [4], in September 2006, in "recognition of his lifelong contributions, through brilliant photojournalism, to justice and dignity for the world’s citizens".

Commemorating the blogpost of my master crafter & Hero, Some of Reza's greatest pics are on display at my facebook page : http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=87077&id=556512363

You could also read more about Reza's Deghati's works from the following websites :





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