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The Almanac of a Photographer...

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An unknown wise man once remarked that a photography class should be a requirement in all educational programs because it makes 'you see the world rather than just look at it'.

That photography can make you think is a given - it could make you see the world through a 'little window' called view-finder and yet you could see so much more than what a normal being could actually 'look' though his eyes.

the creative expressions are numerous; a photograph is an open statement welcoming the new, the old, the bold n the beautiful to complete the act in his/her own way of seeing things.

So what is photography after all – Is it just a measly capture of colour, light or freezing motion. What entails photography? & above all where does the soul lie in a photograph.

As Henry Cartier once said – “The photograph itself doesn't interest me. I want only to capture a minute part of reality”. Easier said than done – Don’t you think !!!

Could we make a photograph actually speak a thousand words!!!

Could we actually capture that ‘split second’ – that one moment of glory when all else in the world were just looking at it. In the words of Ansel Adams – Could we actually make a photograph and not just shoot one !!!

After all, No photographer is as good as the simplest of all cameras. So what makes us all those who own the best equipments on field – those of us who can create pictures out of nothing – those of us who can see the world in a better way than the rest of us.

This in essence is what shall cram the almanac of a photographer

  • From the day - photography was born and its evolution through the Mesolithic and stone age era to the digital fortress that we have chosen to live in now – the almanac shall try and bring to you those moments of brilliance that has been so not be seen and little understood.
  • The almanac is an intermediate for knowledge sharing be it simple definitions of photography terms in the words of a layman to the ultimate tutorials in creating HDR images; we shall help you create the best pictures through innumerable ways of post processing.
  • Photographing various elements of nature and how to get the best out of whatever you own..
  • We shall bring to you the legends of Photography from all over the world and why their work spells magic & showcases an aura of heaven & earth rolled in one; More importantly –what inspired them and how they made it to the pinnacle.
  • We shall also strive to present the various photo competitions that you could actually be part of
  • We would also try and post world renowned articles and white papers on photography that should help you enrich your knowledge further.
  • And to keep you in sync with the Technology of tomorrow – we shall try and help you be up to date with the trends and happenings in the digital world.Finally – Awesome clicks from around the world and a forum to discuss what makes it special from the rest of the clicks.

All this and much more in simple easy to learn ways to be posted on this blog from time to time.

Learning is a never ending process no doubt and as Albert Einstein once remarked – 'the difference between the learned and his alter ego is trivial when compared to the unknown'. This Blog true to Einstein’s word will look to address the tip of the iceberg of the galactica of Photography.

Go on - Be a part of this renaissance and contribute to this effort by participating in this whirl-wind effort – not only by reading it but also by egging us on – criticising us – and more importantly bring on your own ideas to the forum and help us learn and grow together !!!

To start with - Here's a very special click of Trichy - Let us know what you think !!!

This photo is taken at the top of the 83-meter-high Rock Fort—the only outcrop in the otherwise flat land of the city of Trichy in Tamil Nadu, India. I awoke for the climb at sunrise, in order to capture the colours from the sun radiating over the hazy city. Looking back down, we see one of many decorative Hindu temples in the area of the Rock Fort. -- Photograph by David Lazar

Hari Kumar Balasundaram


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This post is interesting and lights up the mind. Will follow the words.....

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